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Cotton transporter - triple wagon side tipper semi-trailer (also called side dump trailer or dropside tipper trailer) is designed for transportation of raw cotton purpose.

General technical details of “cotton transporter - triple wagon side tipper semi-trailer”;

- Totally ≈ 62 m³ usable volume (tare weight is ≈ 11 tons ± %10)

* Local traffic regulations of one of Asian countries were taken into account on design combination

- Chassis and top body are produced from “ST52-3 or optional S700MC” sheet

- 3 unit two side tipping upper baskets (max. 40°)

- Each basket has an internal volume of ≈ 20.67 m³ and maximum tonnage capacity is ≈ 7,50 tons

* Reference; bulk density range of raw cotton 220 - 360 kg/m³

- Basket side tipping mechanisms and opening of upper covers are hydraulically controlled, lower covers are manually controlled (opened)

- Basket side locks are air-controlled mechanism

* For more information, please review the offer and technical drawing of product

Optional Details:

- Design with any specifications and sizes to compatible with customer requirement or usage

* Please take into account local and/or international traffic regulations

* Tare weight varies depending on design combinations

- Aluminium top body and reinforced special chassis design for lightweight

- Multiple basket placement combinations with interlink/ train connected chassis design

- Optional basket design combinations (any volume, any type side cover and side cover opening mechanism designs)

- Other compatible axle, tire and suspension system combinations

* Please contact with us for any information

"Cotton Transporter - Triple Wagon Side Tipper Semi-trailer | Side Dump Semi Trailer" - Brochure

"Cotton Transporter - Triple Wagon Side Tipper Semi-trailer | Side Dump Semi Trailer" - Details

"Cotton Transporter - Triple Wagon Side Tipper Semi-trailer | Side Dump Semi Trailer" - Technical Drawing



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