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Sugar-cane transport equipment, is designed as high side tipping unloading system. Each compartment has 6 Tons capacity and it can be integrated to any type brand truck. It can be designed also for any volume and any capacity within technical limits.

Technical specifications of the sample product;

Each basket designed as 24 cubic meters (Changeable)

- Length: 3200 – 3500 mm (Changeable)

- Width: 2400 – 2500 mm (Changeable)

Tipping by two hydraulic cylinders for each basket double action hydraulic pump to be driven by P.T.O and to be mounted on the truck chassis,

Hydraulic System of sample product which integrated to IVECO brand truck;

- Pump: Piston type self-priming

- Discharge: 90  - 110 liter/min

- Pressure:250 – 400 bars

- Driven: By truck P.T.O.

- Installation: On truck chassis

- Electric pilot valve to operate the directional valve to tip the baskets

- Each basket equipped with two pistons tipping the baskets, one left and the other right.

Truck Super Structure Video 1;

Truck Super Structure Video 2;

Optional design for trailer or any type truck chassis:

- Sugar cane trailer structure (side tilting mechanism on the trailer chassis)

- Only one sugar cane basket or triple sugar cane mechanism for any type truck chassis

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