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Weldable and bolt connected forged Ro-Ro rings are produced as welded and bolted connected type. Each type has a capacity 12 tons. This heavy-duty lashing Ro-Ro ring (also available in 'D ring' and 'lashing chain') has a welded or bolt mounting made of natural raw forged steel plating.

It does not require installation; you just need to weld or bolt it to your flatbed, truck, trailer, dock, warehouse and even your pickup truck. It is practical, durable, aesthetic and long-lasting.






Ring Inside

Ring Dia.

Weldable Type

170 mm

170 mm

163 mm

R60 mm

25 mm

Bolt Connected Type

170 mm

100 mm

160 mm

R60 mm

25 mm



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TRILEX TREYLER is a foreign trade company and the main supplier company is BÜYÜKYÜKSELDAMPER HİD. MAK. SAN. LTD. ŞTİ. (Trademark Name: SEMITURK)

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