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Container corner casting fitting slot is preferred for all kind of container like ship containers, tank containers or load containers. Container corner fittings are the cast container lock slots that enable containers to be connected to each other and are also used as lifting bracket. It enables containers to be stacked, positioned, loaded and fixed on decks and platforms.

Container corner casting fitting slot / bracket;

-        Top Left (TL) / Bottom Right (BR) - 4 unit totally for front and rear side

-        Top Right (TR) / Bottom Left (BL) - 4 unit totally for front and rear side

Standard set is consisting of 8 pcs for 1 container

* Diagonal corner (TL - BR and TR - BL) slots are the same as each other

* Planar corner slot directions are different, but their dimensions are the same

-        Sizes: 178mm (W) x 162mm (L) x 118mm (H)

-        Material: Steel Casting / ST-37 / Spheroid Casting (Alloy Material)

-        Capacity: 34.000 kg (Maximum Permissible Mass)

* For 34.000 kg, at least 4 twist locks shall be used, one for each corner

* UN / ECE Regulation - Scope of approval: ADR 2017 (item

* Test number: 18-04083-GCS-00

-        Surface Treatment: Raw / Painting

-        Weight: 11 kg/pcs

-        Packing: 100 pcs are packed in one pallet (1,1 ton), 2000 pcs in one 20 ft container (22 ton)

-        Application: Ship container, tank container, dry cargo container, refrigerated container, folding container, open top container, mobile home, steel structure, etc…



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