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Mobile clinic vehicles consist of a total of 8 vehicles, each equipped with different equipment for health solutions. Mobile surgery equipment, mobile operating room equipment, sterilization equipment, diagnostic equipment, x-ray equipment, mammography and many other health equipment such as functionally equipped.

Health workers also played an active role in the production of mobile health vehicle project for export to Yemen and the installation, location and materials used for each equipment were evaluated according to health criteria. All equipment used are approved by the Ministry of Health and comply with health criteria. When we examine the general characteristics of the vehicles designed for 3 categories and 3 different purposes;

1- Emergency - general surgery - operating room and post op (postoperative)

2- X-ray - Laboratory - Pharmacy – Internal medicine policlinics

3- X-ray – Laboratory - Pharmacy

         - Polyclinic / children-ENT

         - Polyclinic / Gynecology – Orthopedic - General surgery

are grouped as.

- Heat-resistant composite materials and durable monoblock walls

- Hydraulic foot, foldable ladder, wheelchair ramp and guardrails

- Interior lighting, air conditioning, Generator, electrical sockets, locking doors, sliding interior doors

- Sun visor on exterior doors and door hydraulics on interior doors

- Solar energy system and panel (optional - for Ecuador countries)

- Waste and clean water tank

- Sink, lighting and ventilation windows

- ...

Optional design options are available for all these and different additional options. Please contact us for detailed information.

Mobile clinic / healthcare / medicine / medical semi trailer brochure

Mobile clinic / healthcare / medicine / medical semi trailer technical drawing


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