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The mobile outpatient clinic is designed according to the Atego 1518 vehicle in the standard. The carcasses and walls forming the safe can be designed in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations. The dimensions are limited to this frame.

- Health vehicles as produced with FRİGO (heat insulated),

- Wall profiles are placed according to special connections, wall spacers are closed with XPS material,

- The inner and outer surfaces of the casing are coated with CTP, which is an antibacterial and washable material.

- One entry door with lock system, 1 rear doors, 2 pop-up windows, intermediate sliding doors and partition walls,

        - Operation room; Suitable for cabinets, table, window and connection fixing rings

        - Laboratory / Staff room; laboratory worktop, stainless steel cupboards, work desk and armchair, sitting area, washbasin and refrigerator

- Suitable mounting places for side stand stairs, awnings, aluminum stairs and railings,

- The floor is made of 18 mm Polywood material and covered with a certified coating in accordance with health standards,

- Internal electrical and lighting equipment suitable for interior design and use (generators, luminaires, panel and grounding equipment),

- Cooling and ventilation system,

- Waste and clean water tank

It is produced with the project. Extras such as handbook, toolboxes, interior and exterior dressing on delivery are delivered according to contract terms. This content is the standard product content and new designs can be created in accordance with the desired content and conditions in the projecting stage.

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Mobile Health Vehicle / Semi-Trailer Presentation


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