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The mobile blood donation tool is manufactured as a cabin with a volume expanding 1 meter to the right and left. Cab expansion is hydraulically controlled. 

- The cabinet is insulated against heat, water and dust. The cabin walls, the base of the cab and the cabin doors are made of glass-reinforced polyester material (FRP) that does not advance flame and extinguishes itself. The panels are filled with 4 cm thickness and 32 density density foam material. Panel walls are produced with wet technology. The walls are mono-block. Walls and frame are supported by box profiles.

- Cab floor covering is made of 18 mm polywood material. It is covered with 2 mm epoxy or PVC floor covering to provide water and dust insulation.

- There are entrance and exit doors equipped with handrails in front and behind the cabin. In the design, the emergency exit scenario is taken into account and all doors must be locked from both inside and outside. The gas piston system is added so that all doors can be self-closing.

- The walls are equipped with windows. At the same time, LED lighting has been added to ensure adequate lighting.

- Split type air conditioners with 3 heating and cooling units are placed in the cabinet. In addition to heating, electric ventilation system has been installed in at least 3 different places in order to provide ventilation.

- Hydraulic system 24V DC, 2.2 kW power and consists of 24V DC valve group. System pressure gauge is available. There are hydraulic feet on each side of the vehicle cabin with a capacity of 2400 kg.

- Electrical cabinet for electrical system control. The cabin is equipped with a 220 Volt socket and a power line. The vehicle has 1 monophase 13KVA capacity generator.

- 1 mobile satellite antenna system and HD TV are installed for internal broadcasting. At the same time 100W 4 speakers, mixer, wifi system microphone and projector are included in this system.

- 4 control motorized seats are fixed to the base of the cabin. All seats are height adjustable.

- Cabinets, tables, wheelchairs, hot and cold water dispenser, wash basin, clean and waste water tank and other details are placed in the cabinet and fixed accordingly. Lighting fixtures are available on the ceiling.

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