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The mobile road-show vehicle has been produced to be used for rally, advertisement, promotion and similar purposes. Depending on the intended use, the trailer can be manufactured with one side openable wall or twice side. The trailer could be designed to be expandable two side when the broadcast is not broadcast or the external show is not important. For food, meetings and similar purposes, the upper section of the trailer can be produced as a sunroof. This compartment can be closed to sunlight by covering it with canvas/tarpaulin or composite panels.

- All the walls of the trailer are 42 kg/m^3 density polyurethane material and inside and outside of it with 2 mm CTP printed,

- Walls are reinforced with 50x30 or optional 50x50 box profiles and welded to the chassis internally and externally by M connections (including room separations),

- Trailer chassis can be manufactured as flatbed or with goose-neck platform according to internal usage requirement and settlement area (depends on the combination of tire, axle, volume and carrying capacity),

- The right and left wall of the trailer can be produced as openable (optional two walls or single wall),

- If the trailer is produced with goose-neck, a VIP room is placed in the trailer's gooseneck area and optionally equipped with VIP seats, mini fridge, air conditioning, L seats, cupboard and similar equipment,

- Optional in the inner compartment of the trailer; kitchen and kitchen cabinets, chrome nickel tank plumbing, heating equipment and air conditioners are placed,

- If the trailer roof is opened, ladder and stair railing compartment is added to the inside of the trailer,

- Optionally, the trailer interior design can be equipped with internal lighting, electrical installation, solar energy system, generator and similar equipment according to using purposes,

* Please contact with us for detailed information.


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TRILEX TREYLER is a foreign trade company and the manufacturer is BÜYÜKYÜKSEL DAMPER HİD. MAK. SAN. LTD. ŞTİ. (Trademark Name: SEMITURK)

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