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Mafi Cargo Trailer is prefered as a economical and fast means of transportation in industry and ports.

Mafi Type Roll Cargo Trailer is a transport system used in roll - cargo purchase, industrial and marine applications. This trailer is using for standard 20', 30', 40' and 45' container sizes transportation, but can be manufactured with any dimensions options.

As with other special purposes semi-trailer, this trailer also can produce with special purposes design. Trailer's loading platform can be covered with wood or steel or even without any surface. The support rings, bending locks and lashing rings complement the main purpose. Mafi Cargo Trailer (Roll Cargo trailer) is also used for the transport of steel coils, where bearings can be added.

Since this trailer is very easy to use, its usage in industrial sectors is increasing rapidly. Even, this product provide easy transportation facility for complex product network in low cost.

Advantages of Mafi Type Roll Cargo Trailer:

- Simple operation

- Quick connection

- Robust construction

- High carrying capacity

- Low maintenance cost

- Economical transport and storage

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