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2 Axles Low-Bed / Low-Boy / Low-Loader Semi-Trailer;

* It is produced as flat floor (with option pool production option is also available),

- Lowbed trailer chassis is suitable for high tonnage capacity. According to the legal regulations, the tonnage capacity of the lowbed trailer; production technique, tire type, tractor 5 wheel load capacity, used axle type and so on. limited by factors.

Production Materials:

* Low bed trailer base plate is made of 7/8 mm checkered sheet and wheel tops are produced from hard wood according to customer demand,

* Gooseneck reinforced with special alloy steel,

* Chassis is made of “Domex700” material and Telescopic Chassis Extension options are available.

- Dimensions may vary according to the new design to be made according to customer demand and usage area requirement. The dimensions given are the dimensions of the standard product.

Axle Hardware:

* According to 2 axles and suspension options;

   - Tandem Axles (This option is used in standard product),

       - 12 R 22,5 each with a capacity of 16 tons.

   - Leaf spring suspension option,

       - 12 - 14 - 16 Tons capacity.

   - Air Suspension Axle option,

       - 235/75 17,5 wheels with a capacity of 12 tons each.

Tire and Rim Options:

* Lassa - Pirelli - Good Year - Optional (Other brand preference)

* 8 Tubeless tires (* Without inner tube, more durable and less likely to burst),

   - 12 / R 22.5 (used in standard product and preferred with tandem axle),

   - 295/60 R 22.5,

   - 235/75 R17.5 tires are used.

Suspension System and Equipment (All materials are certified and in accordance with EU norms):

* Tandem suspension system and equipment (Standard product equipment),

* Optional Air suspension system with equipment,

   - 813 suspension bellows,

   - Parabolic double-deck Z shears are 100 mm,

   - WABCO 2S / 2M or KNORR 2S / 2M braking system,

   - Shock absorbers - limiting excessive axle movement.

   - Automatic brake slack adjusters ‘GOS - PERFORMED’ brand

* Optional scissor (Leaf spring) suspension system,

   - 12 ply stacking scissors.

Lowbed Loading Ramp:

- Hydraulically produced (Standard product equipment)

- Optional both hydraulic and mechanic control (for military standard)

- Optional 2 or 4 way direction and foldable (Down & Up - Right & Left) 


Electrical Equipment (Standard ASPÖCK or SABA Brand):

* 24 Volt Lighting System, Optional 12 Volt

* 7 or 15 pin distribution cable from the vehicle (Depends on Tow Tractor Model),

* Equipment complying with traffic regulations,

     - (Rear parking, stop, signal, side warning lamps, license plate lamps, trailer reflectors)

* Complies with EEC 24 Certified European norms.

* Complies with SAE standards and TÜV general regulation.

Lowbed Semi-Trailer Brake Hardware:

* EBS (Electronic-Brake-System) 2S / 2M or preferably 4S / 2M Brake System is used and is WABCO or KNORR brand,

* Two-line brake equipment,

* Automatic brake adjuster and brake valve,

* 24 inc brake service bellows,

* 24x30 ”emergency brake service bellows,

* Load balancing distribution valve,

* The equipment used complies with EC standards and European norms.

King Pin:

DIN 74080 standard uses 2 "King Pin and bolt connection. Interchangeable with DIN 74083 standard 3 ½" King Pin - practical replaceable modular construction -

Lowbed Trailer Landing Gear:

* Telescopic, mechanical 2-speed (slow-speed adjustable) trailer foot is used and “S model”,

* Static load capacity is 50 tons and dynamic load capacity is 25 tons.

* In addition, support legs with manual operation are added to the rear of the lowbed semi-trailer.

Optional Extension (Telescopic Chassis) Options:

• 1x6 = 6 meters, • 2x6 = 12 meters, • 3x6 = 18 meters, • 4x6 = 24 meters, telescopic chassis extension options are available.

Optional Equipment:

* Pool platform option,

* Double spare wheel carrier,

* European axle group and all kinds of equipment,

* Fire extinguisher cabinet and fire tube,

* Optional tire brands,

* Optional RAL color codes.

* Our products are guaranteed against all kinds of problems due to manufacturing defects.

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