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3 Axles Low-Bed / Low-Boy / Low-Loader Semi-Trailer technical specifications;

Note: Low-bed can be produced as front loading platform,

- 3 Axles Lowbed Trailer weight is appx. 10.240 kg,

- It is produced as pool platform, flat platform and optional front loading platform,

- Goose-neck could be equipped with covers (optional)

- Lowbed trailer chassis is suitable for high tonnage capacity in non-traffic uses. The tonnage capacity of the lowbed semi-trailer is limited by certain regulations.

Production Materials:

* Low bed trailer base plate is made of 7/8 mm checkered sheet and wheel tops are produced from hard wood material according to customer request,

* Trailer Gooseneck reinforced with special alloy steel,

* Chassis is made of “Domex700” material and Telescopic Chassis Extension options are available as 6 meter to 24 meter.

Semi-Trailer Axles:

- According to 3 axles and air suspension options (standard product);

      - Air Suspension Axles,

      - 235/70 R 17,5 options each with a capacity of 12 tons.

      - 295/60 R 22.5 and / or 12 / R 22.5 options each with a capacity of 14 tons.

* Front Axle Lifting; controlled from the cabin.

- Optional with Leaf spring suspension option,

      - 12 - 14 - 16 Tons capacity.

- Optional Tandem Axle option,

- Optional Hydraulic steering axle option is available.

Tire and Rim Options:

* Lassa - Pirelli - Good Year - Optional (Other brand preference)

* 12 Tubeless tires (* Without inner tube, more durable and less likely to burst),

     - 235/70 R 17,5 (Option used in standard product)

     - 245/70 R 17.5

     - 295/60 R 22.5

     - 12 R 22.5

     - Tires of size 315/80 R 22.5 are used.

Suspension System and Equipment (All materials are certified and in accordance with EU norms):

* Air suspension system option (Standard product equipment),

     - 813 suspension bellows,

     - Parabolic double-deck Z shears are 100 mm,

     - Shock absorbers (limiting excessive axle movement),

     - Automatic brake adjusters.

* Scissor suspension system option,

     - 12 ply stacking scissors.

* Tandem suspension system and equipment,

* Hydraulic suspension option (used with hydraulic steering axles).

Lowbed Loading Ramp:

- Hydraulically produced (Standard product equipment)

- Optional both hydraulic and mechanic control (for military standard)

- Optional 2 or 4 way direction and foldable (Down & Up - Right & Left) 


Electrical Equipment (Standard ASPÖCK or SABA Brand):

* 24 Volt Lighting System, Optional 12 Volt

* 7 or 15 pin distribution cable from the vehicle (Depends on Tow Tractor Model),

* Equipment complying with traffic regulations,

     - (Rear parking, stop, signal, side warning lamps, license plate lamps, trailer reflectors)

* Complies with EEC 24 Certified European norms.

* Complies with SAE standards and TÜV general regulation.

Lowbed Semi-Trailer Brake Hardware:

* EBS (Electronic-Brake-System) 2S / 2M or preferably 4S / 2M Brake System is used and is WABCO or KNORR brand,

* Two-line brake equipment,

* Automatic brake adjuster and brake valve,

* 24 inc brake service bellows,

* 24x30 ”emergency brake service bellows,

* Load balancing distribution valve,

* The equipment used complies with EC standards and European norms.

King Pin:

DIN 74080 standard uses 2 "King Pin and bolt connection. Interchangeable with DIN 74083 standard 3 ½" King Pin - practical replaceable modular construction -

Lowbed Trailer Landing Gear:

* Telescopic, mechanical 2-speed (slow-speed adjustable) trailer foot is used and “S model”,

* Static load capacity is 50 tons and dynamic load capacity is 25 tons.

* In addition, support legs with manual operation are added to the rear of the lowbed semi-trailer.

Standard Accessories and Equipment:

- Spare tire holder, - Tool Cabinet (plastic), 

- Lateral Protection Device, - Chrome Nickel Water Tank, 

- Rubber chock and holder, - Ro-Ro Rings (Load Coupling Rings)

- Side opening profiles with locking mechanism (Side Expansion Brackets)


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