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2 axle step deck semi-trailer (also called drop deck semi-trailer, drop bed semi trailer, step frame semitrailer, semi low loader / low-bed truck trailer or platform jumbo semi-truck) is using for lots of purposes in logistic sector. It is common in platform type jumbo trailer or as a curtain jumbo trailer usage too. This trailer also substructure of mobile healthcare vehicles, mobile exhibition & event semi-trailer or special-purpose cabins like roadshow trailers.

In this application the semi-trailer is designed for transportation and storage of mobile substation equipment. Since not all mobile substation equipment are the same size and weight, we can produce semi-trailer solutions with dimensions and technical features that suit project requirement.

Besides mobile substation equipment can be installed on a semi-trailer, it can be stored in an additional container. In this case, we can also produce e-house container (substation equipment storage cabin) solutions that compatible with trailer dimensions.

Technical details of “2 Axle Step Deck Trailer for Mobile Substation Transport - 30 Tons”;

- Standard Product: 2500 mm (W) x 13600 mm (L) x 1450 mm (H) -Tare Weight ≈ 6 Tons ± %5

- Special Production 1: 3500 mm (W) x 15150 mm (L) x 1475 mm (H) -Tare Weight ≈ 7,9 Tons ± %5

* On semi-trailer design, mobile substation equipment requirement and combination is taken into account

* "Buyer" is responsible for any problems that may arise due to non-compliance with traffic regulations regarding dimensions and specifications in special productions

- Chassis is produced from “ST52-3 or optional S700MC” sheet

- Floor sheet 3/4 mm chequered sheet or optional 4 mm sheet metal

- Inside / side chassis cross-members designed taking into account the installation areas of the equipment

- Reinforced structure design of transformer connection points (if it is necessary)

* For more information, please review the offer and technical drawing of product

Optional Details:

- Design with any specifications and sizes to compatible with project requirement or usage

* Please take into account local and/or international traffic regulations

* Tare weight varies depending on design combinations

- Reinforced special chassis design and trailer undercarriage combination for heavy loads

- Mounting stand design and production (if required in the project)

- Other compatible axle, tire and suspension system combinations

- Other design options and combinations with optional features

* Please contact with us for any information

"2 Axle Step Deck (Drop Deck - Drop Bed - Low-Bed - Jumbo) Semi-Trailer" - Brochure

"2 Axle Step Deck (Drop Deck - Drop Bed - Low-Bed - Jumbo) Semi-Trailer" - Details

"2 Axle Step Deck (Drop Deck - Drop Bed - Low-Bed - Jumbo) Semi-Trailer" - Technical Drawing 


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