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e-House container; it is designed to store and transport mobile substation equipment.

The combination of high thermal insulation and fire-resistant materials has been taken into account in the container design. The walls of container are isolated against outside temperature.

A wide door design that opens to both sides is considered for easy placement of mobile substation equipment.

In the bottom part of the container, there is an additional plinth to prevent the equipment from slipping, and sub opening covers are prepared for cable passages.

E-house container is produced in accordance with mobile transformer semitrailer or trailer size

e-Home container; hydraulically controlled opening side wall, hydraulic mechanism retractable roof (for easy equipment placement), special material manufacturing etc. It can be designed and produced with special features etc...

Please share the requested any other technical details and ask for the price. General characteristics of sample products;

- External isosceles shaped metals and support profiles,

- Insulation with 100 mm rock wool (all walls and roof except base floor),

- Corner casting locks (8 pieces),

- 1 fire exit door, 1 container door (opens to both sides),

- 1 air louver,

- Special base mount place prepared for the placement of internal transformer equipment,

- Optional; interior lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, CCTV system etc. equipment and application options.


WhatsApp / Viber: +90 543 692 6276 (Mr. Ahmet - M.Sc. Mechatronics Engineer)

* TRILEX TREYLER is a foreign trade company and the manufacturer is BÜYÜKYÜKSEL DAMPER HİD. MAK. SAN. LTD. ŞTİ. (Trademark Name: SEMITURK)

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