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8 axles low-bed semi-trailers is using for construction equipment, wind turbines, transformers, boats, bridge entrances, wheeled cranes and similar products transportation. Since it has a low-bed structure, it provides an advantage in terms of height compared to other flat platform semi-trailers.

We provide suitable solution for your needs by offering production with new and special design (within technical limits) suitable for your use. You can view the technical features of the product from the "specification" tab of the page.

*Please contact us for information about current price, delivery time, detailed product offer, technical drawing or other technical details.


WhatsApp / Viber: +90 543 692 6276 (Mr. Ahmet - M.Sc. Mechatronics Engineer)

TRILEX TREYLER is a foreign trade company and the manufacturer is BÜYÜKYÜKSEL DAMPER HİD. MAK. SAN. LTD. ŞTİ. (Trademark Name: SEMITURK)

Semi Trailer Main Structure
Product Type & Model8 Axles Lowbed Semi-Trailer
Chassis Platform TypeFlat, pool or front loaded platform options
Main Chassis MaterialST-52 or equivalent steel (Optional special steel for light weight design)
Chassis Floor MaterialStructurally reinforced sheet base (Optional wheel tops 'plywood' material)
Chassis ExtensionN.A. (Optional chassis extension with any length in technical limits)
Total Length17.000 mm (Optional design with any size)
Platform Length (Without Gooseneck)12.800 mm (Optional design with any size)
Gooseneck Length4.200 mm (Optional design with any size)
Total Height from Ground3.500 mm (The maximum height is variable according to the slope of the ramp in its open position)
Semi-Trailer Platform Height985 mm (Optional design from 880 mm to 1.100 mm)
Total Width3.200 mm - If side extension brackets available +250 mm +250 mm (Optional design with any size)
Semi Trailer Tare Weight18 Tons (Varies with optional properties design)
Semi Trailer Gross Weight120 Tons (Optional design up to 136 tons)
Rear Ramp2 way motion (Optional 4 way motion and optional foldable type design)
Steering SystemHydraulic Steering (Optional other mechanical or hydraulic steering combination)
Semi-Trailer Axle Specification
Number of Axles8 axles
Axle Brake TypeDrum brake type
Each Axles Capacity12 tons capacity (Optional up to 18 tons)
Each Sequence Twin/Single WheelTwin wheel (Depends on tire dimension)
Number of Liftable Axles and PositionFront axle at standard model (Optional any combination)
Number of Steered Axles and PositionRear 7 axle (Optional other options)
Type of Steered AxlesHydraulic Steering (Optional self-steering combination)
Semi Trailer Suspension Equipment
Suspension TypeHydraulic suspension and equipments (Optional air suspension)
Suspension Bellows and Type813 Type suspension bellows
Springs and TypeParabolic double decked Z spring or other types
Shock AbsorbersStandard shock absorbers equipment
Trailer Tires & Rims Specifications
Tire Dimensions235/70 R 17.5 dimension (Optional any compatible size)
Rim Dimensions17.5X6.75 steel rims with standard tire dimension
Total Tire & Rim UnitWith 235/70 R 17.5 option, totally 32 units at standard option
Other Compatible Tire Sizes235/75 R 17.5 - 245/70 R 17.5 - 295/60 R 22.5 - 12 R 22.5 - 315/80 R 22.5 or any size within compatible
Semi-Trailer Brake System
Air LineStandard dual circuit brake hardware
Brake System1 Set 4S/3M or 1 Set 4S/4M or 2 Set 2S/2M integrated EBS System, WABCO or KNORR brand
Extension Brake ModuleIf chassis extension available, additional air and electrical signal accelerator hardware
Additional Brake ModuleN.A. (Optional additional I-Level, smart board or any similar brake module)
Brake Slack AdjustersAutomatic type
Brake Bellows30” Service brake bellows, 30x30” emergency brake bellows (Optional any size)
Trailer Brake RegulationCompatible with 'UN ECE R13' regulation
Semi-Trailer Electrical Equipment
Electrical Input VoltageStandard 24V, optional 12V
Socket TypeStandard 7, optional 15 pins, Nato type or any type distribution cable
Additional Electrical ConnectionDirectly battery connection sockets (24V, + and -) in front of the gooseneck for the power unit
Ex-Proof CompatibilityN.A. (Available as optional)
Lighting FunctionsBrake, signal, stop, reversing and fog lights, side lights, reversing lights, license plate lights
ReflectorsReflector application suitable for traffic regulations
Blackout LambsN.A. (Available as optional)
Rotating LampRotating lamp for warning
Trailer Electric RegulationECE R 48 (Optional EU 19/249, EEC 24, ADR Norms and Reg.)
OthersOther equipment for traffic regulations
Semi-Trailer Hydraulic Equipment
Hydraulic Control UnitPlaced on the gooseneck; control unit and cabinet containing control coil, valve and similar equipment
Hydraulic Power Unit24 volt electrical mini power-unit for ramp
Pump and TypeN.A. (Needed with only optional P.T.O. ramp connecting line)
P.T.ON.A. (If necessary, provided by the user according to the vehicle type)
Hydraulic Cylinder(s) and TypeDouble acting steering control cylinders + ramp cyclinders
Hydraulic Valve(s) and Type1 or 2 unit flow divider compatible with ramp type
Oil Tank Capacity10 - 25 liter according to ramp type and additional 10 - 30 liter for control cylinder tank
Hydraulic Connection and TypeN.A. (If available, standard hydraulic connection from vehicle)
User ControlCommand control system by user
Hydraulic WinchN.A. (Optional hydraulic pull winch with any capacity)
Other Standard Equipment
King-Pin2” bolt-connected, interchangeable with 3½" (D:152 kN - Type: H50-X)
Landing LegsTelescopic landing gears mechanical with two speeds, static 50 tons capacity
Additional Supporting LegsN.A. (Additional mechanical lockable legs at rear as optional)
Side Extension BracketsN.A. (25 cm and lockable side extension brackets at each side as optional)
Ro-Ro RingsN.A. (6 + 6 ro-ro connection rings at each sides as optional)
Safety Link of Rear RampEasily removable safety connection
Lockable Cabinets2 lockable cabinets on gooseneck
Spare Tire Holder1 spare tire holder (optional 2) in front of the gooseneck
Fire Extinguisher Cabinet1 unit fire extinguisher tube and cabinet
Parking Chock with Handle1 set parking chock with handle
Spray Suppression EU 109/2011Spray suppressions compatible with EU 109/2011
Labels / SheetsNSAI, e24*2007/46*0474*00 numbered, type approval certificated chassis label
User Manual1 unit user manual

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