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Hydraulic flow divider (also known as flow control valves) ensures that the oil flow is distributed equally at 2 different outlets in hydraulic systems.

OT 200 D22 hydraulic flow divider technical data:


22,5 (cc/rev)

Max. Working Pressure (P1)

170 (bar)

Peak Pressure (P3)

230 (bar)

ΔP Max. Between Two Outlets

200 (bar)

Max. Speed

3000 (rpm)

Min. Speed

1100 (rpm)

Max. Flow for Element

67,50 (l/min)

Min. Flow for Element

25,80 (l/min)

Port (P / Pressure)


Port (T / Tank)


Check the table for 0.4-30 cc range ‘OT 200 series’ hydraulic flow divider valve technical data...


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