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Moving floor heavy cargo transport semi-trailer model is used to carry loads such as sawdust, fertilizer, bio-waste, excavation waste, paper and raw materials, salt or similar metal-interacting materials, garbage or scrap like other sliding floor models. Moving floor systems semi-trailer application is generally preferred in order to increase the volume and to discharge the load without tipping to the area to be unloaded without any tipping mechanism. As an alternative to dump semi-trailer products, it provides safe discharge and provides more tonnage load transfer at once. Since special sheet metal is used on the asphalt (heavy duty) model floor, it is preferred for loads with high specific gravity such as asphalt or that can apply unit pressure to the ground.

Trailer can be produced in desired volumes and sizes (up to 85 cubic meters). Especially in trailer applications, if the traffic regulations are not taken into account, the limit in volume and dimensions will also disappear. Side cover options designed for forklift loads are not preferred in this model, considering the impact of pressure on the side walls in the asphalt (heavy duty) model.

You can decide on the moving floor base model that suits you by examining the sealed base (garbage and similar applications), cargo moving floor base model (general purpose bulk or pallet products), fixed moving floor base platform products.

General features of sliding base asphalt (heavy duty) model;

- Floor is strengthened with steel structure instead of aluminium in contrast other moving floor model,

- As with all sliding base trailer models, unloading is provided by the forward and backward movement of the pistons,

- Lightweight and robust design (request weight information depending on cubicmeter options),

- Semi-Trailer upper tarpaulin,

- Remote control of some properties (Floor movement and tarpaulin)

- Optional aluminum side walls and pneumatic back cover

Unloading Video:

Moving / Sliding Floor Video:

Sweep Mechanism:


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