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5 tons capacity single axle agricultural tipper trailer is designed as a for all kinds of use for agricultural purposes. We can also produce agricultural trailer solutions in all sizes and technical specifications to suit customer needs.

General technical details of “5 tons single axle agricultural tipper trailer (heavy chassis)”;

Standard Product: 2200 mm (W) x 5000 mm (L) x 2130 mm (H) - Tare Weight ≈ 2 Tons ± %5

* On trailer design, the combination of usage requirement and tonnage capacity taken into account

* "Buyer" is responsible for any problems that may arise due to non-compliance with traffic regulations regarding dimensions and specifications in special productions

- Rear tipping (back tilt) type agricultural trailer tipper body

- Chassis is produced from “ST52-3 or optional S700MC” sheet

- 1 unit ‘air / drum brake’ axle (5000 tons capacity, 60x60 square profile, 6 bolts, 300x60 brake lining)

- Reinforced fixed drawbar (non-rotary type) with compatible eye (towing eye) and flange

- Telescopic hydraulic tipper cylinder with connecting hoses with hydraulic couplings

- Openable / removable side cover height is 700 mm, additional gate height is 400 mm

- Base floor sheet is 2.5 mm, covers and additional gates sheets is 2 mm twisted sheet metal

- Closely spaced (reinforcement) inside / side chassis cross-members

- Mechanically opening rear cover (optional 2-way opening or optional hydraulically control)

- 2 units 400/60-15.5 tyre and 13.00x15.5 rim set

- RAL colour options (can be chosen in accordance with the tractor brand colour)

* For more information, please review the offer and technical drawing of product

Optional Details:

- Design with any specifications and sizes to compatible with project requirement or usage

* Please take into account local and/or international traffic regulations

* Tare weight varies depending on design combinations

- Reinforced special chassis design and trailer undercarriage combination for heavy loads

- Other compatible axle, tire, suspension and brake system combinations

- Other design options and combinations with optional features

- Military trailer manufacturing options in accordance with NATO standards

* Please contact with us for any information


"5 Tons Capacity Single Axle Agricultural Tipper Trailer" Technical Drawing



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