In line with the sales principle of our company; the price qoutation is presented with an official document containing the technical details of the product.

If the terms are approved by both parties, a written product offer / price qoutation signed by both parties is considered a contract. If necessary in terms of special conditions; an additional contract form is also prepared and signed by both parties.

Products; After confirming that the first payment is reflected in the TRILEX TRAILER bank account, the product is delivered in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the offer. Our company works with many countries from all over the world for all products.


Working and standard payment procedure;

- Prepayment of minimum 60% amount of each one unit product invoice amount as cash (without shipping, insurance, any custom duty and also other all non-unspecified cost),

- At the ex-works, the remaining of the total amount of invoice including VAT; will be requested as cash before loading and delivery (including shipping, insurance, any customs charges and included all other unspecified fees, if any),

- We are working with onlyE.X.W. delivery method. Other delivery type is not acceptable for us but we organize all needed procedure in our country for you. If it is not clearly stated in the written and signed product offer; all other cost are the responsibility of the buyer,

- TSE, Type Approval (Appropriateness Document), CE sertificate and other similar manufacturer/saler documents will given by us as freely (these details for only export business and also if specifically stated in export agreement),

- If requested by the customer or if necessary, training organization is provided by us with extra cost


Production capacity;

- Production capacity varies according to product type and order variability. In generally; we are producing special purpose semi-trailer, trailer or truck mounted equipment projects. However our annual production is around 80 to 200 units (this is the total number of all invoiced productions and is not an exact data).