According to our company's procedure, all condition is determined in a written documents that signed by two side. Trilex Semi Trailers offer a all over the world delivery service on all trailers in our range. Cost is dependent on distance - delivery can be arranged to all areas of mainland overseas.

Working and standard payment procedure;

- Minimum % 60 prepayment of total amount without transportation, any insurance, any custom or other taxes,

- Remaning amount requested at the E.X.W. delivery

- Other delivery type is not acceptable for us but we organize all needed procedure in our country for you

- Cost of other detail of semi-trailer depends on two side's decide

- TSE, Type Approval Document, temporary plate, CE sertificate,  A.T.R. certificate and all other document is given by us freely,

- If requested by the customer, training organization is provided by us

Production capacity;

- Production capacity is changeable according to product type and order variability ratio. In generally, we are works on special purposes semi-trailer project. However, in generally we produce 30 to 100 units semi-trailer per months.