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Plastic mudguard (also called plastic fender) is produced to be compatible with trailers, semi-trailers, truck trailers, trucks and tractors. It is used to prevent harmful parts that may fly from trailers or trucks to cars from flying to other vehicles and preventing them from causing damage.

Plastic fender is offered for sale with single wheel or double wheel options. A half mudguard option is also offered for both single and double wheel type mudguards / fenders. For details, you can review the product table and reference dimensions based on the technical drawing.






Double Tyre

130 cm

65 cm

65 cm

208 cm

Double Tyre Half

65 cm

65 cm

65 cm

104 cm

Single Tyre

124 cm

42 cm

58 cm

188 cm

Single Tyre Half

62 cm

42 cm

58 cm

94 cm



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TRILEX TREYLER is a foreign trade company and the main supplier company is BÜYÜKYÜKSELDAMPER HİD. MAK. SAN. LTD. ŞTİ. (Trademark Name: SEMITURK)

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single wheel mudguard

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