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The bulk liquids that can be transported in an ISO tank include; All types of Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Nitric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Alcoholic Beverages, Oils, Mining chemicals, Resins, Food Products, Solvents.

ISO Tank Container;

- Tank capacity between 14.000L to 26.000L

- Tare weight approximately 4 tons but changeable to request,

- Chemical or foodgrade liquids usage purposes or similar,

- Approximately 36 Tons capacity

- Length 20 feet

- Compartments (changeable to customer request)

- Steel thickness 5 mm stainless steel

- 6.0 bar test pressure, 4.0 bar work pressure

- Discharge bottom / top

- 50 mm glaswool isolated/insulation

- ADR certificated

About the 20ft ISO tank

An ISO Tank is a tank container which is built to the ISO standard (International Organisation for Standardisation). ISO tanks are designed to carry liquids in bulk, both hazardous and non-hazardous.

The tank is made of stainless steel and is surrounded by various types of protective layers. Different skins can be used with an ISO tank depending on the type of bulk cargo it is carrying. It has a manhole on the top along with at least one valve and another valve on the bottom. They are shaped like a cylinder.

Because ISO tanks are built to the ISO standard, the frame which the tank sits in measures about 6 metres long, 2,4 meters wide and between 2,4-2,5 metres high. The tanks vary in size and type and can carry between 14.000 and 26.000 litres of liquid.

Tanks are available with and without baffles and can be customized to meet specific individual product needs.


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ISO Tank Container

ISO Type Tank Container

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