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Sliding base platform is a fixed platform which is produced for the load discharge / load transfer with the movement of the 3 row hydraulic lift system. Our special production, works with the external hydraulic unit.

* This model designed especially for cotton. Working/use length is longer. Equipment can be designed in desired dimensions.

* At transfer stations of corn, seeds, sawdust, bark, cotton, paper waste, garbage, recycling materials or similar bulk cargoes; it is installed as the unloading chamber of trucks. The product is transferred to the desired area with conveyor belts or similar external transfer tools. Ask for information for external use options.

The 3-row hydraulic lift mechanism provides load transfer / load unloading with the in-line forward and reverse movement provided by the hydraulic unit drive with control. While the system can be mounted on a movable trailer, it is also applicable to a floor-mounted fixed platform when we consider this product example. Depending on the purpose of use can be produced in the desired size and size. The sliding system is not sealed in this product example and can also be produced with a sealing structure for different purposes. There are different floor structure for variable purposes.

Floor Mounted Fixed Sliding Floor Platform Product Video:


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Moving floor unloading platform

Walking movement sliding floor unloading platform