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Truck Unloading Platform's / Load Discharge Platform technical specifications;

- 40 - 60 - 80 - 100 tons capacity options

- 'Unloading platform for trucks' chassis 200 to 300 mm “NPU” and reinforced  “100 mm NPI” cross-members by frequent intervals

- Base plate made of 7/8 checkered sheet steel (optional 8 mm ST-37), side plate 6 mm ST52

- Subframe is produced from 200x200 profile,

- The rear axle mile (shaft) is 100 mm and connected (removable for grease lubrication)

- Balance plate is available on the platform against unbalanced load and the axis shaft is reinforced by cross system

- Manual lowering control platform in case of power failure, (Valve)

- Truck linkage rings, which prevent the movement of backward

- 2 single-acting telescopic cylinders,

- 2x2 rows tires blocks against backward motion and controlled by remote command, 

- Easily accessible hydraulic equipment installation area (hydraulic unite),

- Damper angle can be limited by any desired degree both mechanically and electronically,

- Required hydraulic equipment compatible with European Standard,

- PLC control system


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Truck Tipping Platform

80 tons hydraulic discharge platform