TRILEX Treyler; is one of the biggest Semi-Trailer & Trailer manufacturer companies in Konya / TURKEY. TRILEX Treyler also supply Semi-Trailer and Trailer spare parts and related equipments. Moreover we have established business partnership with some companies. We provide foreign trade, sales marketing, projecting and similar services to these companies.

We have been active in many important projects in national and international markets. Some of these projects include military mechanical systems, mammography trailers, specially designed multipurpose ROADSHOW trailers, side-mounted vehicle-mounted equipment, sliding floor semi-trailers, sliding floor garbage transfer semi-trailers, high voltage energy test trailers, transformer semi-trailers and similar areas. In addition to these projects, we have taken active part in important projects such as hydraulic driven rotary axle systems, hydraulic load platforms, mechanical and electronically controlled load transfer elements and high tonnage moving walking equipments. 

Many of our products with project support have been in high demand in the international market. Our products are preferred all over the world. Along with our sales and marketing activities, the import and export of our products continue. Many of our special works will not be available on our website. It is forbidden to publish our military activities in accordance with the principle of confidentiality. You can examine our standard products, you can get detailed information about our standard trailer and semi-trailer products.

Our mission; To carry out the production, project, sales and marketing activities of the automotive sector (trailer, semi-trailer and spare parts). To ensure that the automotive sector can be evaluated under certain standards and quality, to ensure that our products and other partners' products are located in the international market.

Our vision; To find a place among the leading manufacturing companies of the market with our special purpose trailer production activities. In addition, to reach a competitive level that the largest international import-export & sales and marketing company. In addition, to create a giant platform that provides trailers, semi-trailers and spare parts in the international market.


TRILEX Treyler İç ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi

General Manager

Ahmet ADIYAMAN / Mechatronics Engineer