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Sliding floor semi trailer is preferable products for unloading without damping. With floor walking at forward and backward directions, discharge operation is performed. There are a hydraulic mechanism under the trailer. Load discharging is done by the sequential movement of hydraulic pistons. There are also some floor aluminium bracket set on the and each floor design and structure different than other type according to the usage area. Walls, rear gate design also changeable like as floor design type according to customer area. Some sliding floor mechanism fixed directly on the land, sometimes this is expecially usefull for cost reduction solution.

Sliding Floor / Moving Floor Semi Trailer is using garbage semi trailer, asphalt trailer, salt (NH3) trailer, general cargo transport trailer and etc. With Cause of optional aluminium structure and unloading advantages it can be usable lots of purposes.

- Sliding Floor Asphalt Semi Trailer

Main walking movement and hydraulic structure is same. But sliding floor asphalt trailer design different for example walls structure, trailer dimensions, design requirement. In addition, floor aluminium bracket design different than garbage type and general cargo type. You can watch example videos please that given links below of page. 

Sliding Floor Garbage Semi Trailer

Sliding floor type garbage semi trailer don't need any engine. By the floor walking movement advantages instead of compressed discharge system, garbage transfer semi trailer can producable until 90 m^3.  This types capacity very higher than standard garbage trailer.

Sliding Floor Semi Trailer for General Usage or Others

The other moving floor model is general cargo type. Floor is producing completely flat and it is usefull for lots of logistic transportation, sawdust transportation purposes,  pallet load etc... This types wall openable from desired side all all side. Because of cover design, all types of load loadable on trailer.

Unloading Video:

Sliding Floor Video:

Sweep Mechanism:

Pneumatic Rear Cover;

- Remote controlled shovel system / Each types shovel design is different for each model. Refer to end of this content

- Optional remote controlled Polyester tarpaulin system

- 3 units of 3800mm foldable side walls at side for easy to forklift loading, optionally available also at left side. This revision is doing for increase usage efficiency

- Container type back doors, optionally hydraulic activated


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Semi-Trailer Axle Specification
Number of Axles3 Axles
Each Axles CapacityEach one 12 Tons
Each Sequence Twin/Single WheelSingle Wheel Sequence
Number of Liftable Axles and PositionFront Axle (Operated from the cab)
Number Steered Axles and PositionNot Available
Other Standard Equipment
King-Pin2” bolt-connected in DIN Standards (D:152 kN - Type: H50-X); interchangeable with 3½" (ECE R55 Regulation)
Landing LegsTelescopic landing legs mechanical with two speeds. Static: 50 Tons, Dynamic: 25 Tons
Additional Supporting LegsOptional; Mechanic or Hydraulic
Side Extension BracketsAt Each Side (6 x 2 Units - 25 cm) Progressive Lockable Extension Brackets
Ro-Ro Rings6 x Unit Ro-Ro Rings
Lashing Chain1 x Set GM-O-G8 Lashing Chain (Ratchet Type)
Lockable CabinetsLockable Cabinets on Trailer Goose-Neck
Container / Twist Locks4 Unit Twist Locks (EN 284/452 and Similar Regulation)
Spare Tire Holder1 x Unit Spare Tire Holder
Tool Box1 x Unit Tool Box / Plastic
Fire Extinguisher Cabinet1 x Unit with Tube
Water Tank1 x Water Tank “Chrome Nickel”
Parking Chock with Handle1 x Set Available
Lateral Protection DeviceAluminium (Compatible ECE R73.01 Regulation)
Spray Suppression EU 109/20116 x Unit Fenders (Compatible EU 109/2011 Regulation)
Trailer LadderAluminium and foldable type
Labels / SheetsTraffic attention labels in Eeuroean std. and other semi-trailer sheets
User ManuelOperational, maintenance & repair instructions manuel books in English / optional Arabic
EducationSemi-Trailer operational, maintenance and repair instructions education (If necessary)

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