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Truck superstructure; is designed as side tilting unloading. Integreted to IVECO brand truck. Special pupose vehicle, designed for carry sugar cane. Each compartment have 6 Tons capacity. 

About 17 cubic meters of cane billets each,

- Durable and stable chassis design,

- Length: 3200 – 3500 mm (Changeable)

- Width: 2400 – 2500 mm (Changeable)

Tipping by two hydraulic cylinders for each basket double action hydraulic pump to be driven by P.T.O and to be mounted on the truck chassis,

- Hydraulic System;

  • Pump: Piston type self-priming.
  • Dicharge: 90  - 110 liter/min.
  • Pressure:250 – 400 bars.
  • Driven: By truck P.T.O.
  • Installation: On truck chassis.
  • Electric pilot valve to operate the directional valve to tip the baskets
  • Each basket equiped with two pistons tipping the baskets, one left and the other right.

Truck Super Structure Video 1;

Truck Super Structure Video 2;


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Side Tilting Unloading Truck Superstructure

Side Unloading Superstructure