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Sliding floor general purposes semi-trailer model can be used for carrying forklift and similar loads as well as bulk loads. Most of the time, it allows you to take an alternative load when you return from the unloading trip. Sliding floor trailer is used for transportation sugar cane, paper and raw materials, biological wastes and similar products which generally have low density.

General features of moving floor general purposes model;

- Base and floor are aluminum material,

- As with all sliding base trailer models, unloading is provided by the forward and backward movement of the pistons,

- Lightweight and robust design (request weight information depending on cubic options),

- Trailer upper tarpaulin system (mechanic in standard specification),

- Remote control control

- Aluminum flip-out lid or optional hydraulically controlled rear cover.

Moving Floor General Purposes Type Model Video:

Moving Floor General Purposes Type Model Piston Mechanism:



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