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Solid Manure Spreader Trailer is produced in optional 4 cubic meters to 20 cubic meters. The volume of the trailer is assigned according to the usage requirement or customer demands (from 5 to 25 tons).

Manure Spreader Trailer in accordance with the usage and capacity demands; It is equipped with power options from 60 Hp to 150 Hp. It has the necessary suspension equipment, transmission, transmission chains, hydraulic conveyor, hydraulic door control, throwing blades etc. equipment. Taking into account the maintenance of the machine, relevant measures are taken into consideration in the design.

Manure Spreader Trailer ensures a uniform distribution of fertilizer to the field. Optional extra product specifications; Weighing system, hydraulic brake, galvanized sheet option and extra paint to be applied in accordance with customer demand are visual applications.

Manure Spreader Trailer Capacity: 5 tons - 8 tons - 10 tons - 20 tons - 25 tons


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Solid Manure Spreader Trailer

Manure Spreader Machine Trailer