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High Voltage Energy Cable Test Semi Trailer is designed for high voltage energy test purposes project's equipment transportation. The equipment is protected against all external influences by closing the trailer with a sliding awning system. In addition, a thermally insulated working room (container) was added to the trailer. The energy control device can be fully controlled from this room and the working room has all the energy requirements, a work desk and similar equipment. General trailer specification;

- Sliding tent system,

- Energy equipment assembly design,

- Light type and durable chassis,

- Easy to operate system,

- There is a container on the flat of semi trailer and heat isolated,

- 3 units axles, each one 12 tons load capacity and air suspension equipped, 

- Compatible to ADR regulation,

- Requested adv. patterns in any colors,

- Special semi trailer design in any energy sector


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Energy Cable Test Trailer

Sliding Tent Semi Trailer