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Unloading Platform is producing according to customer request and needs. As a standard, unloading platform manufacturing optional 60 tons, 80 tons and 100 tons. 

- Durable structure, 

- Hydraulic connection controlled by remote,

- Security precautions,

- Mountable and demountable structure (easy to installation).

Please request technical detail according to your need.

Platform structure also changeable according to usage. For example;

- Channel & Canal Type Discharge Platform, Above Ground Unloading Platforms, Diesel Motor Mobile Discharge Platform, Trailed Type Movable, Unloading Platform, Side-Tilted Type Discharging Platform

For more detail, please request technical information and offer according to your usage or according to any technical specifications. 

General Technical Specifications of Unloading Platform;

- Tipper chassis to 300 mm, "UPN" reinforcement    plate and off at frequent intervals NPI 100 mm with strengthened.

- Base plate is 8mm and 6mm plate skirt bottom chassis is manufactured with 200*200 profile, rear axis has 100mm shaft diameter and within bolt connection.

- Unbalanced load on the platform against the shaft axis from the balance arm is available in the system and to strengthen cross

- Double Fibroid only controlled, parallel system

- Trailer mount rings are available at the front of platform

- Evacuation system will be limited to 38 degree angle to remove the dumper 

- Electricity outage manual download is available on the platform.

- Two Wheel will be holder for the trailer and truck

- Wheel holders will be controlled from control panel

Hydraulic unit and control panel:

- Electricity is the main power 22kw 3x380 volt

- The control system is in a special panel PLC control system with tele-mecanigue brand conductors

- Oil cooler is radiotor for  hydrolic system

- Gear pump model

- 120 micron filter

- Hydrolic system oil ten number

- Oil level indicator

- Oil tank cover and the ventilation is available

- Hydrolic unit will be under the platform

- Plastic coated steel cables which are between control panel and unit are protected. Steel pipes, seamless pipes and tubes used hydraulic quality 100R2


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