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The moving floor cargo type semi-trailer has a fixed side cover and is generally used for top filling and bulk cargoes. Sliding base cargo model; wood chips, paper and raw materials, biological wastes and the like are generally preferred for the transportation or transfer of products with low specific gravity. Semi-trailer is designed and manufactured as durable and light weight.

General features of moving floor cargo model;

- Base and floor are aluminum material,

- As with all sliding base trailer models, unloading is provided by the forward and backward movement of the pistons,

- Lightweight and robust design (request weight information depending on cubic options),

- Trailer upper tarpaulin system (mechanic in standard specification),

- Remote control control

- Aluminum flip-out lid or optional hydraulically controlled rear cover.

Moving Floor Cargo Type Video:

Moving / Sliding Floor Cargo Type Video:

Walking Floor Semi Trailer Floor's Forward and Revers Movement:

Walking Floor Semi Trailer Floor's Forward and Revers Movement 2:



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Moving floor semi trailer

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